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The Eyes
rain oak
Those eyes, the hundreds, maybe billions of them. The were all staring at her, at the people around her. It made her terribly nervous, but she knew there was no turning back now. She had to continue, despite those evil, distracting,! She mustn't think about them. They didn't exist. They weren't there. She tried to look above them, but her own eyes kept getting dragged back, back into those pools of green, blue, brown. So many different shades. It was intriguing, no two pairs of eyes were exactly alike. They were all difference shapes, sizes, colours. Now she was being caught in their gaze again, but this time she was not nervous. She was excited. They would all be watching her, yes, but watching to see what she did, not to criticise. It filled her with a hope, and a sense of eagerness. She wanted to get on with it, no more delays. Then her wishes came true. The lights faded on, the music started. And the play began.
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